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Eagle Scout Project Season

Posted on Jul 17 2018 - 8:52am

It is the season for Eagle Scout Projects. Many scouts in our troop are gearing up to complete Eagle projects this summer. Please keep an eye on our emails and calendar entries so that you can help. Our scouts need your support to gain their rank as an Eagle Scout!

2018 Scout Fair

Posted on Mar 27 2018 - 9:10am


 Sign up is active for this event: 

 We need lots of help to set up, operate, and take down our gold claim in the west!  We will be teaching other scouts about how gold was (and still is) removed from river deposits throughout the world.  The scouts will learn why this works, how to do it, and some of the uses for gold in our society today.

Troop Election Results

Posted on Feb 13 2018 - 8:31am
Congratulations to our new Troop Senior Patrol Leader: Isaiah Keo
Congratulations are also in order for the newly elected Patrol Leaders: 

Dentistry Merit Badge - January 29th (instead of a Troop Meeting)

Posted on Jan 23 2018 - 3:15pm

Dr. White from Pediatric Dental Specialists and Orthodontics has agreed to teach the Dentistry Merit Badge to the troop!

We will be meeting at his office for this troop meeting on Monday, January 29, 2018 at 7:00 pm.  

Please RSVP on the Troop website if you will be attending so we know how many scouts will be there. 

** Dr. White has asked all scouts to bring the print out of the Printable Worksheet with them on Monday night with their work for the homework items completed. They will also write in it during the meeting. This is what Dr. White will use to determine if you have completed the merit badge. ***

There is work that he has requested be completed prior to the meeting so you complete the Merit Badge that night. 

To be completed at home:

All of section 2, section 4.C, all of section 5, section 6.C, all of section 7.

We will be doing the following at the office: all of section 1, section 3, section 4.A, section 6.E.

Please see attached worksheet and powerpoint from Dr. White to help you complete the at home requirements.

Bring your completed worksheet to the meeting that night in order to complete the Merit Badge. 

"I will do my best...to help other people"

Posted on Sep 5 2017 - 10:41am

Monday, September 4, 2017 - Labor Day

I was too tired to write anything yesterday and apparently, too tired to take photos of the scouts working. While our Troop does not have a crew working today, I know many of our members are still out helping families in our area. During the past week, the Troop crew had 10-15 people per day working at cleaning out houses. Many of our other Troop members worked with church groups, school groups, or at their own houses or houses of friends, family, and neighbors. I do not know how many families we helped, but I do know we are doing our best for our community.

Harvey Storm Assistance

Posted on Aug 28 2017 - 4:25pm
We just finished contacting all of you (thank you for your responses) and I wanted to let you know that most of our Troop has fared well throughout the storm. Unfortunately, we have some troop members with flooded homes, one of whom is at the multipurpose center now. We have Troop members who have evacuated from their areas ahead of the flooding and may be flooded or will flood soon. 
Fortunately, we are here to help. First, If you can help or need help, please fill out the form that the Troop has made to let us know: tx.ag/qQ1YxiL
Feel free to fill out the form multiple times if you know others who need help. 
We have lots of scouts who are out of school and, when it is safe and waters recede, we can come help clean your house, move furniture, remove carpet/sheetrock, etc. We may be able to help you find places to stay. We can make meals and help you find resources. 
In addition, we have people in the troop who have dealt with flooding before and they are available to provide advice on the process of dealing with finding assistance getting you house put back in order. 

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